Friday, May 26, 2006

A Hell of a week

This one was an all around shiny week which started all wrong. On Monday I had a pretty serious bike accident. In fact I can't remember anything about it: I hit my backhead hard on the ground and lost my conscience for a few seconds. Luckily there were gentle peasants around to help me, and I managed to regain my feet with a few bruises, an almost-broken rib and sore knees.
Because of the head trauma I was feeling some strong dizziness periods, so I have spent some time in the hospital passing tests, until yesterday they found that all I have is this. Phew! Good to know that my brain survived! (though it is the same brain that had a stupid bike accident on Monday in the first place)

On Wednesday morning, before my bike was stolen some hours later, I got accepted for Google Summer of Code, on a very interesting project for Haskell. La ostia! The funny thing is that many people in my research group found it out before than myself, reading it in a post to the Haskell list. It rocks to have this sort of group mates!
I'm a bit scared with the perspective, because until I get some vacation time in July time will have to be shared between work on SoC, PhD courses and PhD work, so it is going to be a tight schedule.

On another topic entirely, my dad is progressing well with Rails. It's an impressive feat (for an old man like my dad ;) ) that in only one month he is speaking Rails fluently, considering that beforehand, he knew nothing about HTML, CSS, Javascript, and the entire web development problem. I'm lucky to be a percent as smart as he is. Also, he just admitted that diving through the Rails sources has helped him immensely. He is starting to appreciate the whole point of open source, and for an old man like him who used to deny OSS, that's a huge accomplishment.

That was all. Not bad for a first post. I will try to post at least an update a week, though I know beforehand that's an empty promise.

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