Thursday, October 19, 2006

What is better than procrastinating and listening to music at the same time? You got it: procrastinating about music.

This is a short entry to comment on said site. I just stomped on it, surprisingly via google. Yes, I didn't use any of the flashy diggit-readit-web-2.0-cool-sites-that-talk-about-sites-or-blogs... So, I have spent the whole evening procrastinating around its contents. And how we love these things... There is another thing we people love (apart from Of Montreal's Hissing Fauna album of course), and that is silly statistics, the sillier the merrier. Or look at success (disclaimer: I love this sort of things too)

Before finding it I didn't know how addicted I was to song commenting!
After all it makes a lot of sense; people comment on albums, movies, shows, and personal posts such as this one! (sadly this blog is mostly comment-less, so it is not a good example).

So thanks to my newfound addiction, I've spent all this time digging each and every comment on every song of my latest fetish album: Hissing Fauna by Of Montreal. It is an impressive album. It is always impressive when a band produces its masterpiece, but it is jawdropping when this masterpiece comes as what makes their 10th studio album. How not to love when you find comments as reassuring as:
"Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer?" is final, clinching proof that Kevin Barnes is totally crazy. And totally awesome.
(on Faberge Falls For Shuggie)
Other funny comments that you can find on the songs in Hissing Fauna:
Favorite song. It's ridonkulous.
(on Heimdalsgate Like a Promethean Curse)

By the way, it is definetely about drugs.
(on Heimdalsgate Like a Promethean Curse)

My mom flat out asked me what the hell this song was about, and I simply told her
"Someone who is having a chemical imbalance and wants to be in a good mood, this their chemical imbalance shifting."
It's kind of funny I should be able to sum it up in a few lines. It's such a deep song.
(on Heimdalsgate Like a Promethean Curse)

"the mousey girl screams violence, violence
the mousey girl screams violence
she gets hysterical
'cause they're both so mean
and it's my favorite scene
oh, the cruelty so predictable
makes you sad on the stage"

Reference to Edward Albee's play Who's Afriad of Virginia Woolf. Honey, the mousey character, does scream "Violence! Violence!" at a point in the play when George and Martha are at each others throats.
(on The Past Is A Grotesque Animal)
The last one is too clever for me, but I mean, I looove this kind of stuff. When I'm not punishing my brain with Haskell, I'm either procrastinating or listening to music. And lately often procrastinating about music.


Gonzalo said...

Thanks for your visit, pal! I'm very curious to know how you've arrived at my place. Promise me you'll keep your mouth shut about it (it's difficult for you, I know :D): as I said in the third post, it's just an space to waste my time from anywhere, and some personal issues may be unconfortably available... hold on a minute... I didn't know anything about your blog, either! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

yeah is an awesome site...WHEN ITS UP AND RUNNING. we're talkin about procrastination...well i think whoever runs that site is doin a lot of procrastinating cuz this is like the 100th time the site has been down in the last year! WTF

Anonymous said...

¡El blog de Pepe Iborra!
Lo que se encuentra uno navegando por la blogsfera.
Y encima en inglés y hablando de programación.
Desde luego, Pepe, estás perdido en el abismo y sin posibilidad de redención.

Me alegro de volver a saber de tí.
Un saludo del Fuji.

natalia said...

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Good dayyy