Friday, March 09, 2007

If I had time

Projects I would work on if I had a bit more time.
  • An improved way to handle exceptions for Haskell I have half-thought. More on this soon
  • review hs-plugins and get it to work on the Mac
  • A Dashboard widget for the awesome Lambdabot
  • Read all those papers I want to read (sic)
  • Finally get the mutable engine in the Omega Gameboy emulator to work, after all the time I have invested already (should put a Darcs repo up). Then the fun begins: profile and optimize extensively
  • Blog more
  • Get a website for myself
  • Definitely... read GTD and start getting things off this list
Projects I will work on as soon as I get the time.
  • The ghc 6.7 branch of Shim: Integrating the debugger. I have already some code but I'm waiting for soon-to-come changes in the debugging primitives in the ghc-api
  • Send patches for the GHCi debugger... bugfixes, new bugs, new commands, experiments, etc.

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